• Tarocco - Sicilian Blood Oranges

    Our signature Sicilian Blood Orange Collection is both soothing and delicious. Personal Care at its finest.

  • Signature Collection

    Rude Dude is our signature collection featuring notes of masculine scents. Women love them too.

  • ZENZERO - All Zen Zero Stress

    Soothing beauty from the ancient remedies from Sicilian Blood Oranges, Ginger Root and Italian Olive Oil.

Villa Manganelli, located in Catania, Sicily, is my family birthplace and home to the wonderful fragrances that enveloped my life. Come inside, look around and experience my history encapsulated in our fragrance collections.
Panarea is a landscape of beauty and passion. As one of the most romantic parts of the Italian Islands it will awaken your senses. Come inside and explore this breathtaking wonder and the rest of our beautiful ports.
Linea Lusso
Sicily is not only my home but where I learned the true luxuries of life. Fulfilling my desire to share my birthplace with the world I have created this luxury collection with some of our most special fragrances in mind.
  •  "My husband and I got the opportunity to try Tarocco at a Hotel we stayed at in WV this past weekend. My husband was amazed. He has such dry skin but when I told him to give this lotion a try it started healing his skin. Thanks. now we want to buy. I love the shampoo. Fabulous, smells great." 

    ~ Catherine from Ohio

  • "Perfect balance between gentleness and exfoliation. Smells crisp, fresh, and delicate, nothing cloying or saccharine. Encountered it first at a 4-star hotel. Loved it. Ordered a case for use at home. " 


  • "My boyfriend and I recently went to a wedding at a resort in Ohio. Your products were given to us complimentary. We loved the products. The scents reminded me of my trips to Italy."

    ~ Amanda from Newton Falls, OH